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Comparison between tradition and Modernity Tradition & Modernity

Traditional method of picking nutsUnsafe, inefficient and labor intensive.
Modern picking methodEfficient and safe, reduce the labor intensity of farmers.
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  • Carbon fiber telescopic rod picker

    Carbon fiber telesco

  • Carbon fiber fixed rod picker

    Carbon fiber fixed r

  • Aluminum alloy telescopic rod mining and punching machine

    Aluminum alloy teles

  • Aluminum alloy fixed rod mining machine

    Aluminum alloy fixed

About Ji Mei Wei Si

Zhejiang jimei weisi agricultural science and technology co., ltd. is located in anji, zhejiang province, the birthplace of the scientific assertion that "green water and green mountains are the mountains of gold and silver" put forward by general secretary xi jinping. Picturesque, outstanding people; Complete supporting facilities and convenient transportation......

CCTV special report

【I love invention】2016.10.25 the nut picking and beating machine invented by chai xiuhong, who is also a crazy inventor, has replaced the traditional way of picking and beating nuts manually with bamboo pole by using gasoline engine to drive the transmission rod. The retractable device greatly reduces the danger and inconvenience of picking nuts by hand.

The eight advantages of Jim Wei Si mining machine

Ease the traditional dilemma

Three major scientific research cooperation units

Continuous research and update, products ahead of the market, we can produce more suitable for farmers to use products.

Case of cooperation
  • Collect hit the case on CCTV CCTV network

    Collect hit the case

  • Hotan city leaders on-site promotion

    Hotan city leaders o

  • Xinjiang in August field mining

    Xinjiang in August f

  • Angie picks nuts for example

    Angie picks nuts for

Good products should have good details.
  • Pat the head

    (with special material), combined with different Angle length and width material, combined with mechanics

  • Carbon fiber rod

    A new type of fiber material with high strength and high modulus, containing more than 95% carbon, is lighter than aluminum,butIt's stronger than steel

  • Joint of handle and aluminum alloy rod

    Handle ergonomic principle, the same weight, grip force is more relaxed; The structure of the link is simple, the connection is close

  • Hit the link

    Aluminum alloy material is adopted. Aluminum alloy with high strength is widely used in < I > aviation and other industries .

  • Joint and aluminum alloy tapping rod

    Special aluminum alloy, is aluminum with a small amount of magnesium, enhanced corrosion resistance

  • Electric engine

    High speed, simple structure, light weight, low cost, smooth operation, easy to use and maintenance, to a large extent < I > reduced the operating cost

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